My Evergreen Playlist: Life on the line.- A heartfelt dedication to all the men and women in the front lines against Covid-19.

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My evergreen playlist track for today is Life on the line by British YouTube sensation and country singer, Fiona Culley featuring Darius Rucker.
Music is life and with it, we are able to relate our feelings, emotions and gratitude. This one here is one heartfelt ballad.

Hearing the line, "Life on the line" over and over again gives me that chilling and sweet appeal that makes me want to keep doing the good I can to make someone have their best life.


About the song.

The song is the theme song for the movie of same name, Life on the line, starring one of my best actors of all time, John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Kate Bosworth and other amazing talents.
The soulful and heart touching song chronicles the dramatic and thrilling life of Beua Ginner played by John Travolta, a lineman who risks electrocution and other dangers in his line of work to make others have the comfort they deserve, while also trying to look out for his niece by trying to make sure she doesn't fall for the wrong guy.

Life is complicated.

The complexity of life works in the most unexpected and unfeeling way. Life throws us into the battle front with no ammunition and allows us die or figure out how not to die but live against all odds.
The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting the world so hard and its mission seems to be to annihilating everyone as it didn't spare any, irrespective of class, race or orientation.
Even the rich and powerful are hit and the biggest countries in the world suffered more in terms of death toll and living casualties.

Our brothers, sister, fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, friends and foes who work in the health field securing and protecting lives are living their lives on the line so there is something to live for.
Despite their peculiar challenges (like in the movie), they give their all while in the line of duty. If that isn't selflessness, I have no idea what is.

It is no wonder, there are commercials on TV and the internet showing hundreds of people around the world taking a moment out form their daily lives to appreciate the effortless work of these front liners battling and giving the human race to reason to keep believing in humanity.

Life on the line talks about someone living their lives in the eye of the storm not minding the possible harm to their lives just so you and I can have a reason to believe in the next sunset.

I salute!


I salute everyone who has in one time or the other lived their lives on the live so their loved ones live with their memories as a guide.
And for those who have lost their lives in the process of ensuring they do their jobs, Rest in Peace and may God bless your good souls.

We will be fine at the end and we will all owe it to these amazing individuals who lived their lives on the line fighting the one of the biggest battles of man in the last 100 years.

Make the world a better place for someone today!

Images from Pixabay.

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