'Matrix/Modular Test' - New Original Music - Exploring Arturia's Matrix 12-V2 and Modular V3 Synths - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This isn't really a full song, sort of

Top Half of the Modular V3 Synth UI.
just a combination of random parts, written while exploring some more of these new Arturia Demos. For this track, I used the Matrix 12-V2, and the Modular V3, both of which have quite a bit going on. Since the demos only allow for 20 minute sessions, I've mostly just used them for presets with the occasional variation, but one day I'd love to get the full versions, particularly of the Modular V3, as there are SO MANY possibilities. It's quite literally just a digital version of a big modular synth system, and, as you can see to the right and below, you can patch things together, and add your own effects and various other racks to create all new things. It reminds me of how Reason used to work, with the digital UI with cables, which must connect correctly to create true to life sounds. Fortunately, Arturia provides a ridiculous list of presets, which again, would take a lifetime to go through (per synth, so a few lifetimes, lol).

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Bottom half of the Modular V3 Synth.

Listen to Matrix/Modular Test here.

The other synth used here is, of course, the legendary Oberheim

Matrix 12-V2 Synth UI.
Matrix 12, which, in real life, can run for some serious money (as with the modular set up above). The form of the UI is much more simialr to the other synths I've used in Ableton, which makes quickly customizing sounds a bit easier. I have a very basic understanding of modular synths, but have never used one in real life, so that will take a bit of practice. There is also the secondary step required by using these demos: recorded everything into an audio track, so as to not lose any ideas. This definitely limits the time you can work with. This track has some cool ideas, which I think I'll take and try and expand. I haven't really shared a complete (and reasonably good) song in a long while, but I feel like these new sounds have helped get me out of a bit of a writing rut, so I'll dive in deep over the next few days and see what happens!

Hope you like hearing these sounds! I'll try and create some 'real' songs soon, so stay tuned!

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